Traditional coffee

A special strength of the company MINGOS-COFFEE d.o.o. is in production of domestic coffee, where we bring to our end users selected coffee beans transformed to a high-quality blend of ground coffee. By following the traditional method of coffee roasting and by meeting the market demands, we have created a product which preserves only your moments of enjoying in the coffee. Traditional domestic coffee represents a cultural heritage of all coffee lovers, and according to numerous researches the family which does not start their day with a cup of coffee is almost nonexistent. Observed as the wakening power, additional motivation, and even an inspiration, the tradition tells us that the coffee brings good mood and beginning of many stories.

Word traditional actually refers to the way coffee is prepared which inevitably implies dzezva (pot). This kind of preparation dates from the Arabian Peninsula, and with the arrival of Ottoman in the Balkans, a culture of preparation and drinking of traditional coffee was adopted. However, today there is a difference between preparing Turkish coffee and coffee in the Balkans. Although pot in both cuisines are unavoidable, the Turks add coffee to the cold water they then put in to boil, while in this area coffee is added to boiling water. MINGOS coffee is made to perfectly match the preparation of traditional coffee.

Mingos coffee Domaća

MINGOS Domaća awakens your memories of a time when traditional coffee had a unique recipe.
This special taste of coffee, for new times, we keep in modern packaging and prepare according to the highest quality standards, but in the old-fashioned, homely way.

For generations for whom coffee means more, and for those who want to meet a different, full taste, MINGOS Domaća protects tradition from oblivion.

Thick foam combined with a special strength of taste becomes a ritual for every story.

A mixture of ground coffee.

• coffe Arabika
• coffe Robusta

Portfolio of products

Our MINGOS Domaća kafa is available in packaging of 100, 200, 400 and 500 grams where each packaging brings you our roasting recipe and coffee grinding, and preserves the untouched smell of coffee.