About us


The history of the MINGOS-COFFEE d.o.o. dates back to 1999 when the roastery was opened in Gradačac and production of the first bag of MINGOS domestic coffee started. With its tradition of roasting and grinding of domestic coffee, the company MINGOS-COFFEE d.o.o. operates within the international business group STUDEN GLOBAL since 2009. Since then until the present day, our operations have been constantly improving the production quality, and with desire to offer coffee lovers supreme quality with rich smell and taste of domestic coffee, we have moved our production to a new working environment.

As part of the biggest Agro-industrial complex in the region, MINGOS-COFFEE d.o.o. is located in Brčko where high technology for roasting and packaging of coffee meets a team of experts, who share the love for every bean of coffee, to position high-quality blends of ground coffee in the market.



Coffee roasting is a technological process which turns the weak and associative green smell of raw coffee to full, well known aroma which the coffee lovers adore. The roasting evens the aroma, acidity and other components of taste and aroma of the coffee which leads to the desired taste. The industrial coffee roasting is done in specially designed machines which can process great quantities of coffee beans. The coffee roasting method itself as well as the temperature for roasting significantly affects the final product, i.e. the taste of coffee. Besides the roasting process itself, the percentage ratio of the coffee blend used in the recipe is very important for final taste of the coffee. Certainly, besides the automated process of modern roasteries, the touch of the roaster is very important because the aroma and the appearance of the bean can be determined only by a human.


MINGOS-COFFEE d.o.o. considers all coffee lovers as members of our family, and therefore takes special care on the quality of its products. Our coffee is without admixtures and surrogates, artificial flavors and fresheners, and thanks to integrated quality standard MINGOS COFFEE d.o.o. gives equal attention to procurement of raw materials and the final product. With merger of the modern technology and traditional method for coffee grinding we are placing high-quality products to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to our export markets.

Products are certified in accordance with the international IFS standard.