Even though the first espresso machine was made in France only in 19th century, thanks to Venetian merchants back in the 17th century the establishing of the espresso coffee culture on territory of Italy has begun. As a quite special experience of coffee drinking, a number of different approaches with different techniques for preparation of the espresso coffee were created, and many professional espresso craftsmen have stood out.

The company MINGOS-COFFEE d.o.o. also developed the production of high quality espresso coffee to its production portfolio with excellent quality.


A mixture of fried coffee in grain
For fans of the quality espresso coffee the company MINGOS selects special beans of Arabica and Robusta as an ideal blend prepared under the name BRAVO espresso.

Robusta strong

A mixture of fried coffee in grain
Special sort of Robusta for more intense flavor of the espresso coffee we have selected for those who like extra caffeine in their moments or enjoyment.