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Coffee frappe

1 cup of coffee 
6 scoops of coffee flavored ice cream
150 ml  cold sweet cream

For coffee ice cream:
3 eggs 
3 spoons of sugar 
1 glass of sour cream 
100 g whipped cream powder or ice cream powder

Dissolve a spoon or two of coffee in a cup of water. Pour it in the ice cube tray and leave it to freeze. (1 ice cubes tray, remainder of coffee you will need for ice cream).

For the ice cream: beat 3 egg whites, then add 3 spoons of sugar, and then yolk. In another pot blend the whipped cream with the remainder of coffee. Added beaten eggs and sour cream and put it in a freezer and let it freeze.

Frappe: Put 4 scoops of coffee ice cream in the egg whites, 150 ml of sweet cream and mix it. Pour in the frappe glasses, add ice made of coffee and 1 scoop of the coffee ice cream. Pour cinnamon over it.